Leaf Bio Collections

– Combined with Functionality and Sustainability designed to support eco-friendly specifications, Leaf Bio is one of it’s kind.

– We are proudly introducing our brand new ecological product LEAF BIO to our valued parterns.

– Building on our decades of innovative engineering, the collection combines with unique BIO PVC resins and blends organic cotton materials in the backcloth.

– The BIO product, made from renewable feedstocks such as agricultural, forestery, marine which are safer for workers, families,pets and enviorenment also positively increases stantard of living.

– By Contrubition bio based PVC material, LEAF BIO reduces dependency on finite resources and delivers a 42% biobased construction and gives big impact on your carbon emissions, delivering a reduction in carbon footprint.

– LEAF Bio has excelent durability to light fastness and bleach cleanable with a simple planty texture which provides naturel simplicity to any setting. LEAF Bio comes in 8 shades perfectly matched with the colors of mother nature.

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